Nouveau thinking among the traditionals

It always touches Face2face’s heart when a traditional advertising agency sees the value in using the Field Marketing channel in a creative way. Hopefully the campaign from SMFB for Freia is not by chance, but is a sign that the agency is about to break their habitual way of thinking within the business.

The film shows an actual happening where the audience at Oslo Nye Teater without warning is exposed for guerilla marketing of behalf of Freias new chocolate «Walters 156». A classic chocolate salesperson picks a «random» person (an actor), and apparently manages to convince him to buy a chocolate. He doesn’t have any less than a NOK 1000 bill, and chooses therefor to buy the chocolate to the whole audience. During the break everybody gets a chocolate, not just a piece but the whole bar, the product in full scale.

This is a class-example on how to create a word-of-mouth effect.

You give away the full scale product to a selected target group, linked to a positive experience.

Face2face wishes SMFB welcome as colleague in the Field marketing channel.