Effective and measurable campaign for Morgenbladet

It’s surprising how many newspapers takes lightly on the most important methods for creating success at the 1:1 channel.

The event Face2face did for Morgenbladet proves on the other hand that a carefully planned strategy behind a simple presence, gives a high value on the efforts

Of course, location is everything. How many frequence the location? Are they in the right mode to talk about and buy the product? We chose our location at Narvesen at the Central Station in Oslo because we know that many of Morgenbladets readers come here every day.

It’s important to install the event, or the marketplace considering to important things:

  1. It has to be alluring, it has to give the impression of a «special happening» and not «sales».
  2. As in all good advertising all the visual effects from the content at the counters and posters to uniforms and extraordinary props – must signal a «believable sender» combined with the core target groups good reason to buy the product.

And of course you need to put a lot of skills into recruiting the right people to front the message. These people are the brands brand ambassadors. Their goal is not only to register the customer on a long term deal. They must also inspire to get to know the product, use it and recommend it to others.

Face2face completed a good, informative campaign which also resulted in increased sales for Morgenbladet. The result was a formidable success.