Range Rover


Range Rover Velar - avantgarde luxury on wheels

Campaign design, promotion film, lead generation, styling


Range Rover has gone back to it’s roots and launches “Velar”, named after the first Range Rover prototype designed in 1969. This car demanded a touch-and-feel concept for the target group at the OSL Airport. The minimalistic design and technicalities to it’s perfection is a must see, but more important; a must feel. Face2face promoters offered a touch of the glamour and an introduction to the innovative technology.

Visitors were given the opportunity to get to know the car first hand. To try the seats, testing all the features, lights, stereo, open and close the doors, checking out the luggage space etc.

The stand was rigged accordingly with floor lightening and five digital screens. Our promoters were elegantly dressed to underline the exclusive experience.