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About Cookies

Face2face use cookies. These are small text files that are stored in your browser and that in some cases may be saved in-between your visits to our website. We use cookies to understand how our website is used (as an example, web statistics through Google Analytics or Hotjar), and to provide relevant content for our visitors with targeted information. As an example, information about what websites you have visited may be used for ads through Googles ad network.

We use session cookies and third-party cookies

Session cookies is temporary and used only under the visit to our website. These cookies are deleted when your browser is closed.
Third-party cookies may be used for remarketing tools, web analytics tools or test tools, and the purpose for this is to develop content and technical solutions for our website.
We do not connect cookies with personal data.

If you want the option to not accept cookies

Some of our services may require that cookies are activated and may not function if cookies are not accepted.

It is possible to delete all cookies from your browser after visiting our website, and you may choose how and if you accept cookies in your browser settings menu.

For more information about cookies, visit: Norwegian Communications Authority.